Sunday, April 29, 2012

Funny Story

Hey Guys!
Have a funny story about my rabbit to share with you guys:
So one day, we had a few friends over, and we were watching the weather because there bad storms by a friends house in Texas, and I forgot that I had let him out, because I was so caught up in the weather. 
So like 15 minutes after I let him out, someone says "Where's Midnight?" 
I go "Oh, Crap."
(We let him wonder around because him and our cats are pretty good friends)
So I look everywhere on the main floor. Then I go upstairs. Can't find him. I find him hiding in my moms room. We carried him to the stairs but he won't go down. So we carried him back to his cage.
Thought it was funny that he adventured all the way upstairs. At first, he was scared to even leave his room. Now I have to block off the stairs or follow him whenever I let him out. 
The other funny thing is that he was scared to hop down the stairs when he jumps on top of his cage and jumps down all the time.
Anyway, thought that would be a funny story to share.

Bunny Hugs,
Bunny Boy


  1. Believe me that will change as I'm guessing you have a lop my first bun was a lop brave and adventurous doesn't cover it a bit Like my Speedy as I'm sure you'll find when you read his blog all ways trying to escape I swear you can see him plotting whats next.but rexie are very clever and get bored more easy than most buns appart from lops.good luck!

    1. My rabbit is a satin.

      Bunny Hugs,
      Bunny Boy

    2. Umbra is the same. Just when you think you've got your bun figured out they pull a game changer. Umbra does that all the time.

      How long have you had your bunny?


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