Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Rabbit??

Hey guys! Today I was at a rabbit show, and looked at getting a rabbit. We entered a raffle for a buck Dutch, and lost. We also are thinking about possibly buying a baby buck lion head from a friend. Just worried about costs. Bunny Hugs, Bunny Boy P.S What's your favorite breed? Mine are satin and Lionhead! P.S.S Those Flemish Giants are HUGE!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


All is good here. We had tornado warnings, but me and the bunny are okay. :) Plan to post a real post tomorrow. Question: Does your rabbit(s) get scared in storms?? Mine was just sitting there eating hay. Bunny Hugs, Bunny Boys

Monday, April 30, 2012

Yellow Pages

Some people say rabbits can munch on a few of these because of soy based inks, some say no inks are okay for rabbits.
Bunny Hugs,
Bunny Boy

Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Rabbit Midnight

These are pictures of my 8-pound satin rabbit.

Hope you liked my 'lil cutie'
Bunny Hugs,
Bunny Boy

Super Cute Sunday

Hey bunny lovers!!
Today is Super Cute Sunday
Your guys are going to take a couple polls. Okay??
Please reply your answers in the comments
In the first poll, you pick which rabbit picture is cutest:

Photo From

Photo from

betsy wants to know - where is dinner
Photo from 

The second poll you pick which name would be cutest for the 3rd rabbit picture: 
(It's a she)
A. Betsy
B. Olivia
C. Johannah

Please leave your answers in the comments!!
Oh, mine are B. and then A.

Bunny Hugs,
Bunny Boy

Rabbits and Fruits and Veggies

I feed my rabbit a baby carrot everyday, and then 1-2 strawberries a month. I know I need to increase his veggie intake, so I decided to share this list I found with you:
(list from
  Vegetables                                                                  Fruit
Alfalfa, Radish And Clover Sprouts
Beet Greens1
Bok Choy
Brussels Sprouts
Carrots And Tops1
Chicory Greens3
Collard Greens3
Dandelion Greens (Pesticide Free!)
Grass - Freshly Cut From Your Backyard,
If You Are Sure There Are No Chemicals, Fertilizers, Poisons (Park Grass Usually Has One Or All Of These)
Mustard Greens
Mustard Spinach3
Okra Leaves
Pea Pods (A.K.A. Chinese Pea Pods)1
Peppermint Leaves
Peppers (green, red, yellow...)
Pumpkin Leaves
Radish Tops
Raspberry Leaves
Squash: Zucchini, Yellow, Butternut, Pumpkin
Turnip Greens3
Various Lettuces, Avoid Very Light Hearts: Romaine, Butter, Green Leaf, Boston, Bibb, Arugula... No Iceberg
Wheat Grass

1 Good source of vitamin A, feed at least one daily 
2 Some bunnies may find this a rather "gassy" veggie. If diarrhea occurs, remove from diet.

3 These veggies are higher in calcium, use sparingly, once or twice a week. For older buns, or those with bladder or kidney problems, avoid, unless otherwise directed by your rabbit vet.

4 High in either oxalates or goitrogens, which can cause or exacerbate sludging, and other calcium/kidney problems. Use sparingly!

A lot of people say all lettuce is poison to rabbits, let me know your thoughts on this.

Also if you see anything that should not be on this list, or something that they forgot, please leave a comment.

Bunny Hugs,
Bunny Boy

Funny Story

Hey Guys!
Have a funny story about my rabbit to share with you guys:
So one day, we had a few friends over, and we were watching the weather because there bad storms by a friends house in Texas, and I forgot that I had let him out, because I was so caught up in the weather. 
So like 15 minutes after I let him out, someone says "Where's Midnight?" 
I go "Oh, Crap."
(We let him wonder around because him and our cats are pretty good friends)
So I look everywhere on the main floor. Then I go upstairs. Can't find him. I find him hiding in my moms room. We carried him to the stairs but he won't go down. So we carried him back to his cage.
Thought it was funny that he adventured all the way upstairs. At first, he was scared to even leave his room. Now I have to block off the stairs or follow him whenever I let him out. 
The other funny thing is that he was scared to hop down the stairs when he jumps on top of his cage and jumps down all the time.
Anyway, thought that would be a funny story to share.

Bunny Hugs,
Bunny Boy